Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Adventures in Tokyo!

What an amazing week its been. I really don't know where to begin.. So I guess I should start from the beginning.

On Monday the 30th of November my older sister, Brooke (24), and myself- set off on an adventure that would take our breaths away! We were headed for TOKYO! The biggest city in the world. And after some 8 hours of cup noodles, good laughs, sleeps with our mouths open (smoko hahaha) and some serious tetris tournaments (with each other AND strangers) on our d.s' --we landed! We then travelled to Chiba a district just 40 or so minute out of Tokyo, where we were greeted with open arms by a lady named Uko. The next day we had plans that would make my dreams come true! My older brother Beau is 20, and serving a mission in Tokyo and I hadn't seen him for 21 months! We had the chance to see him! I was so excited... but nervous for some reason aswell! Leading up to the moment we saw him, Brooke and I were looking at each other in shock that we were seeing him after all this time! We met him in Ebisu. And he looked just the same. As cute as ever. When he hugged me, my eyeballs flooded with tears... But I remained tearless. :D I've missed him so much... He's the greatest brother in the world. I love him so much!

The picture above is Brooke and I in Harajuku! :) And the other below is at a Baseball stadium where we had a picnic with Beau.

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  1. Have fun!!! I like these pictures and wish I could go to Tokyo too! I'll be following you now :)