Friday, May 10, 2013

may 2013

get ready


Monday, May 21, 2012

A fish'n fabric afternoon.

 piecing my quilt together!
 krafternoon karate with my sister Brooke <3
 fishin for fish? (i know, I'm lame sauce with captions)
tongue.. ew.

Friday, August 19, 2011

...the internet cafe


I can't believe how excited I am to be sitting in World Square internet cafe. For the past couple of weeks I have felt like I live back in the dark ages.. where they had no computers... or internet... :-/ not such a bad thing... in some ways...

TBH, I have learnt to fill my time with organic recreational activites..., Now I sound like one of those green heads. This is ridiculous.. I lie.
ts okay to miss the grimy keyboard right? And people peering over your shoulder at what episode of H&A you're watching? Oh not to mention the creepy guys that just look at you.. as they eat their sushi... (no judgements)

Who am I kidding? I am a generation Y child. No changing that..... But really, being born in our era doesn't make us obsessed with entertainment, sex and money... It kinda p/m/off when news programmes talk about how bad our generation of young people are... in TRUTH, we are all great. Don't doubt it for a second....

I have some exciting news... for those who are reading this ATM, you should probscheck out my BRAND SPANKING NEW BLOG, "girl with kaleidoscope eyes"... have a little cheeky look.
- Ive only done one post... but just you wait... Itsa gonna be BIGG!

Also... have another little bag of excitement for you.... WILD BOYS!
Channel 7... WOO! I am super excited.. My b.i.l directed it... and I am a SUPER proud s.i.l!

Have a sneaky watch!

xoxox peace-out-cupcakes.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

get out of town.

Well Hello Sydney!
.....I am BACKKKERS!

And the weather has turned beautiful again so I am very haps. :) I heard it was nasty rain when I was gone.... :-/ good timing! BRISBANE was beautiful. And I miss home sooo much. My little sister, parents and big brother... my room and my h.s friends! It was a good trip back... and I have some little stories to share!

Me, Paige and our two friends- Spencer and Blair went bowling... its been a while since I last picked one of those balls up.... lets not make any excuses. lets just conclude with- I WAS WAAAY WEAKSAUCE and came third... followed by Spence. PAIGE RIPPED IT UP. WTF? I am suppose to be the older/dominating/winning one... clearly not this time round. But gg Paige. You deserved it with all those DAMN strikes.. LOVE YOU kk xxo

I saw HP7
~with Paige and Marko. It was friggin sweet. Im going to see it again though- heres why.
I have NEVER! NEVER! EVER! needed to pee more in a movie in my life.... WHY when im at theeeee most anticipated movie of all time does my bladder shrink?! One of my favourite things about the movies is that they sell biggasss cups- which means a GIANT diet coke to quench my thirst throughout the entire movie viewing experience.... Anyway- the day i went to see it... I had one before and during the movie. I wont make that mistake again... because I have never felt closer to death (slight exagg) But seriously... it was the worst feeling ever... I wanted to vomit i needed to go that bad. What made things worse was that it was at the end (last 20 minutes) that I had to run out and release... I was just not enjoying the magic on screen... it was THAT bad... anyways. I think you get the point. But lesson was learnt- stick to one big drink (during/after) the movie.

I am back at work now... Ive had two large days alreds and today is my day off! Such a treat... :-) Today has been the best sooo chill!! I got to beds super earl last night so woke up super earl... :) i went for a icy/hot long run to the O-house!! and then picked up some groceries.. went on a huge walk and tidied my little matchbox home. :) OH and! I have a new fave tv show... DAMAGES! I am addicted... I also love Rose Byrne... shes MONEY. :)

I have tomorrow off too. So that will be sweet. the end. xoxo

my new fave mag.

i am for reals addicted to mags-- you should see my apartment wall! but only good ones...


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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

vampire-d's and wisdom teeth

It's been a week today since Dr Sandler removed my wisdom teeth!!
My diet has consisted of yogurts, soups baby food jars and strawberry flavoured jelly! :) yumyum
The best part of getting my wisdom teeth out was that I said 'goodbye to the world outside my tiny studio apartment' and 'hello to my big bed, sweet dental drugs and one of my new fave tv shows, VAMPIRE DIARIES'... I watched the entire first season. And it was amazing...

I dont know if I related to the vampires with their teeth issues or I was just lovin the taste of blood in my mouth from the surgery... But it seriously made a potentially horrible week watching day-time television, into a brilliant bed time recovery!

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

one owl. 3 shapes.

ONE OWL. 3 SHAPES. this is why they are my fav animal on the planet.