Tuesday, July 19, 2011

vampire-d's and wisdom teeth

It's been a week today since Dr Sandler removed my wisdom teeth!!
My diet has consisted of yogurts, soups baby food jars and strawberry flavoured jelly! :) yumyum
The best part of getting my wisdom teeth out was that I said 'goodbye to the world outside my tiny studio apartment' and 'hello to my big bed, sweet dental drugs and one of my new fave tv shows, VAMPIRE DIARIES'... I watched the entire first season. And it was amazing...

I dont know if I related to the vampires with their teeth issues or I was just lovin the taste of blood in my mouth from the surgery... But it seriously made a potentially horrible week watching day-time television, into a brilliant bed time recovery!

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  1. Sounds like you had some fun! That's good, since recovery during wisdom teeth extraction can be pretty dull and uncomfortable. Finding a happy distraction works well.

    -Darrin Husak

  2. My daughter's teeth surgery recuperation regimen consisted of baby food, cool shakes (chilled, not iced!), and the whole 2 seasons of The Big Bang Theory! I wasn't much into it until I had to help her eat, and my, it was a wonderful bonding experience for both of us!

    Elvera Matos