Sunday, October 17, 2010

Are those moustaches? Or slugs comming out of your nostrils?

Today was the best religion class ever. Currently we're studying 'Sharing Religious Beliefs through Text". Mr Myers found some waay funny bible stories on YouTube and showed them to the class. I was laughing all the way through this video of 'David and Goliath'... Made my day in fact!

Some of my favourite quotes....
"HA-HA-HA! I love to kill little people!"
"Take that you stu-pid lion, that's what you get for messing with my flock"-David
"Just be carefully he's in a pissy mood, he just may kill you"-Kingman
"...No you've killed him, wait no, he's sleeping"- Kingman
"Yes.. the Philistines. I hate them! Gather troops"- King
"David war is not for boys!You have done a good service, now go home and play with your tinker toys"-King
"Dad im more than just a singer!"-David
"Someday... you'll be old enough to kill people too" -David father
"Maybe he'll agree to rock paper sissors"-King
"Maybe while im there, ill kill a phillistine or two or three. We'll see who's too young"-David

"You Phillistines are so small, I can't even see you when I squint"-Goliath
"What? Are we going to play rock, paper sissors?"-Goliath
"You fooled me... I didn't realise you were going to make a threat."-Goliath
"You have gone too far little boy"-Goliath

The second vid is my fave. 

Part 1

peace of cake. xxxo

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