Sunday, October 3, 2010

counting down....

I finish high school in 25 days. The freedom awaits.. I can't believe its been 12 years... waaay weird. I still remember so vividly siting in my grade one class. I had a bright pink pencil case. It was fluro... oh the 90's! :)) (double chin smiley!)My sister Paige is pretty much a photographer (with the help of SAM! hahah)

So I just finished post 3rd term hollies. I pretty much had a blast. I visited my nannie on the coast, Dev and Mark came to visit, Paige and I had a photoshoot for her art assignment and we played Egyptian snap! I love baking... I bake alot in the holidays. I enjoy baking because by the time I'm finished with it... I don't want to eat it.. Im sick of it.. rather I delight in making it look magical for others to eat!

On the holidays.. I also did a barista course! And yes. I am now a TAFE qualified Barista. Now... I just need to find a job. I've worked with my dad at his Chiropractic office for the past three years and I think its time I extend my horizon... especially seeing as I will be an adult soon. ew. that's weird..

Anyway... So I've been thinking of what to do with my life... I have some dreams from when I was in grade one with my pink fluro pencil case....

1. I want to be an air-hostess (one day)
2. I also want to be a Tokyo Disney princess (prefs Bell from Beauty in the Beast)
3. I'd like to study Communications/Journalism
4. I want to swim with dolphins...(how lame... but I've always wanted to.)

Those are just a few to name. I'd also like to write a book and eat weird food in weird countries. :)

Love peace of cake xx

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