Tuesday, October 19, 2010

sleep time.

Since I was a young chicken, I have always loved the concept of sleep.
The sensation is incredible. It's amazing how your body turns off for hours, but you are still alive!
To add to this relaxing experience, you feel invigorated when you arise!
However, I have found out over the past couple of weeks that the 'perfect sleep' is all dependant on the way in which you
1. Prepare for bed and
2. Your sleeping position.
These two elements are vital to your body resting attitude and well-being.

I shall elaborate.

I hate people who don't shower before bed. EW! Okay... Hate is a strong word. But when I start to think about it... it just grosses me out. Lets think about it logically... Over the time-span of the day you visit at least 3 toilets... I have a question... how many others have sat on that toilet seat before you? If you don't have showers before you enter you bed, then your bed becomes a public arena- filled with bum sweat and who knows what else.

Okay this is the reason I was so determined to write this post. DOES ANYONE SLEEP DIAGONAL?? I only have a single bed... But let me tell you... I have never fallen asleep faster! Its kind of like a sleeping pill. I can spend hours tossing and turning whilst im vertical- but the moment I angle myself on a diagonal, Im OUT!

Brilliant discovery really. So point of the post: Shower before bed. It's gross if you don't... and a bad habit. Your bed should always be clean and beautiful (same as your pee-jays.. or if you, never mind. You're gross) ummm.... And! Try sleeping di-ag. :)

It's wonderful. In fact diagonal sleeps are a peace of cake!

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