Friday, October 8, 2010

tuesday night...

Despite my return to 'school'... I've had a waay fun week. Truth is, im not like every silly student who hates school. I love it! Typically after holidays its not the best thought, but once you're back its all good in the hood. :))

On Tuesday night I go to Young Womens, like a youth group. Anyway whilst we were there, Paige and I made these AWESOME puppets.
They were designed with 'Woman's day' Magazines, White card, clue and crayola felt pens. We had so much fun. WE had to do a puppet show for the rest of our youth on 'keeping the sabbath day holy'.
The Blonde (mine) was named 'LA FONDA' and Paiges (who has Sharon Osbournes hair) was named 'SHA-NAY-NAY'.

The story was...
Lafonda's parents got a new boat. She invited her best friend Sha-nay-nay out on the boat with her. But the only day they could go out was on a Sunday, and that was Sha-nay-nay's time to go to church. It was a tough decision for Sha-nay-nay to make. But lets just say she chose the right. :)

LaFonda, me in my 'surf rats' tee (beau's fave) and Sha-nay-nay

The two. Closeup.
peace of cake. xxxo

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