Saturday, December 4, 2010

did someone say schoolies?

So a couple weeks ago now- maybe just one, I finished school 4-eva. forever. It feels amazing. And I went to the whitsundays with my church youth to celebrate. We had so much fun. We didn't fly up- rather for old time sake we took a bus. It took ONLY 16 hours. too long. We stayed in k-rap accom. But the beauty of the tress and the water and the sand is what made it for me! I love creation. OH and I love my friends.
I love reuniting with old friends. Well not really old- she just lives at the coast now. I miss her. She's so fun.

 Spencwr with his round-panda
 impaitent flower <3
 Tessie. She's beautiful.

 go hard-or go home
schoolies 2010

 mormon girls get drunk on wata. so hot.
 dont worry... I have 16 hours of scenic shots.

 this is our baby coco.
 ehhhh. boat trips.


This trip was so fun.
A peace of cake in fact!

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