Thursday, January 13, 2011

hello there cupcake.

Since my blog is named after my love for 'world peace' and cakes.... I thought this piece of news is very relevant.

I have officially seen the cutest cupcake in my life. I wanted to eat it so bad. But I can't remember the last time I had cake. DANG. :(

But I enjoyed watching Paige eat it... just as much as I would, if it were satisfying my poor taste buds.. who didn't get a crumb. OH WELL.

I documented this fine experience. After the cake was gone... in Paiges stomach.. I reflected on the events before the cake was in my finger tips....

After walking about 2kms in the sweat-dripping sunlight... I spotted a yellow and pink signed diner. It was old fashioned... and Im always a big fan. Old Soul I have... :/
Anyway.. So I was all sweaty and needed a refreshment. I ordered a juice and whilst I was waiting for it... thats when the cutest cupcake captured my attention. I quickly, with much excitement ran up to the counter and asked where they ordered the cupcakes from... There were quite a variety... But the one that I purchased was by far the CUTEST! 

Here are some pictures... just for your tastebuds... and your eyeballs. 

This new found cake was a peace of cake that I was completely astonished and delighted with.

the end. i will go back for more....

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