Wednesday, February 23, 2011

valuable lessons I have learnt (prior to turning 18)

1. Blow a kiss to the fool who shows any form of road rage.

2.Value and Respect Mum and Dad.

3. Passions will set you free.

4.Beauty tricks solve many problems.

5. Never, NEVER leave the hot plate on HIGH (thanks lazz)

6. Prayer is a powerful tool.

7. Spa pedicures don't always help your feet.....

8. Raging is important for emotional venting... SILENT raging is good for the soul!

9. Travelling the earth will cure ones curiosity.

10. Smile even if you don't feel like it. It will make someone else smile.

11. I am lucky to live in Australia.

12. GoCards (transport credit cards) make uni students feel like uni students! ( I got one yesterday.. I recommend it)

13. My brother makes the best nicknames up in the world.

14. Seminary rocks.

15. Hot towels feel nice.

16. A lot of the time we are far more powerful than we feel.

17. Be observant.

18. Wear what you want.

19. Herbal tea (Celestial Seasonings) will settle ones discomforts.

20. White teeth will brighten any day.

21. Women who wear red lipstick (me) are on average looked at by males for 7.5 seconds.

22. Self help books help even if you don't always get to read them- just knowing they have a place on your bookshelf will help your confidence!


xoxo po.cake

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