Sunday, July 17, 2011

HOLY MOLY! It's a computer... WITH A KEYBOARD!!!

I have not laid my eyes on a PC since I last wrote a post on the 25th of April! What the HECK! I'm living in the 21st century and I have been working SOO hard I have not been able to pound a keyboard like i am now.... And boiiii does it feel fine.
Okay. I'm an idiot. SOZ. rofl.

So let me update you on my life that has dramatically changed oh so much!

I have moved to Sydney.... And it is crazy. why you might ask? Here are my 10 reasons....
1. the driving is ridiculous
2. i pay bills now
3. the shopping is AMAZING!!
4. i discovered the best hot chocolate under the sun
5. it is freezing... and i bought an oil heater and it is SUPERDUPER sweetsauce.
6. I have a new job (C) and its the best job on the planet. I work with the coolest peeps eva.
7. the diet coke here is just as good as it is in bne. (very important)
8. i bought my own tv... and i am now addicted to good tv shows (friends, how i met your mother, gossipgirl, vamp diaries, desperate housewives, damages etc)
9. i went to day surgery on Wednesday and got all four of my wisdom teeth removed and it was VERY sore... but i got good pain killers.... yess!
10. i have do supermarket shops... sometimes SUPER AWKWARD... i do like the idea of stocking cupboards... but I more times than not I find myself being sucked into commercials about shower cleaners etc. LAMESAUCE... I will admit... its fun!

anyway... I'm currently on a two week break with one week left. I'm going to Brisbane tomorrow to visit the ol'familo! I AM SOOO EXCITED! mainly because I am a little tired of dancing in my apartment by myself....

I am looking forward to Brisbane because- i cant wait to see my brother and dad- haven't seen them since i moved.... and I cant wait to see my snake named, napoleon!!! I am secretly looking a great deal forward to my Brisbane shower head which is about 6 times the size of my current one... as well as living in a house.... rather than a box. :-) I sound like i am complaining but I actually am overwhelming filled with gratitude!


I love you all my little peace of cakes!
Until I reach Brisbane and another sweet PC.

All my love, demrocket xoxo

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