Monday, April 25, 2011

fearless love for a teen sensation: JUSTIN BIEBER

PS-I'm aware a few people might quit reading my blog.I don't care.

Its true when I say..... people are -
a)   ABSOLUTELY INSANELY crazy about Justin Bieber (they have seen 'neversaynever' 3D)
b)   haters (clearly jealous)
c)  happy to listen to Justin Bieber but he wouldn't naturally be their first choice. 'But I guess he's pretty talented' type attitude (they have NOT seen 'neversaynever' 3D)

Ladies and Gentlemen....

I love Justin Bieber and I am not ashamed of my love for him.
My love is fearless. So fearless i spent money I don't have to see him in concert. (perhaps the best money I have ever spent)

He is a sensational talent.
Husband material.

I don't care if I am grouped with the teenie-boppers of Brisbane when I'm at the Entertainment Centre to see him tomorrow night... All I care about... Is being the one less lonely girl. :o)

And yes... I have seen neversaynever 3D.
If you haven't seen it... see it tools!

Justin Bieber is the best peace of cake I've ever heard/seen/tasted.

the end. :o)

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    so jealous. ARG. I wish I had $1300 to get tickets now.